Riding & Horses at the Estancia Aventura

At the Estancia Aventura nearly everybody and everything is concentrating on – the horses and, of course, horseback riding! About 60 horses live here, practically a free, natural life – about half of them already well prepared as riding horses. Most of them are Criollos, the typical South American mix-breed, which is such a pleasure to ride – for anyone! Kiki Ehrhardt was in charge of the Equitation School of Gut Ising in Southern Germany for two years. She would never put her beginners among the guests into the corral for many days, before taking them out into the region for a ride. Thanks to her quiet and easy going South American horses they will be able to join more experienced riders from the first day on and discover the lovely region around the Estancia on horseback! And all of those who did came back for more – and for more time with their new friend, the Criollo horse.

We are looking for Au-Pairs, who have pleasure in working with horses (care, accompanying rides, moving horses, general stables).

We use typical Paraguayan “Gaucho”-saddles, which allow a very comfortable, western-like horseback riding…

Every morning we go for a ride of 2 or 3 hours – there are about 150 km of sand paths and natural roads to discover. And every night we climb back into the saddle to gather the cattle and herd them into the Corals of the Estancia Aventura – real Western-like

Bei uns können Sie übrigens hervorragend ausgebildete Pferde für Ausritte ins Gelände oder eigentliche Springpferde zu fairen Bedingungen erstehen. Kommen Sie einfach vorbei und suchen Sie sich Ihren “Favoriten” aus.